Industrial Machines


Hoogsteen IM is specialist in the development of machinery for the food-  and hides industry.

The handling of products is quite a broad term. Often, the handling takes place by means of a servo- controlled robot, racetrack or other technology in order to bring the product into the desired position.

We also specialize in weighing and dosing of all kinds of products. This includes sticky, adherent ingredients of e.g. a bakery.

With over 20 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining machines in the hides industry, we are an expert when it comes to salting, desalting, folding and pelletizing cattle hides.

Using advanced 3D modelling software, specific test equipment and a wide range of experience, we can offer thorough feasibility research. Moreover, as a customer you get an exact idea of how and where the machine will finally be placed. Important aspects of our services are the short lines and a direct contact between you and our staff.



Creative handling solutions


  • Targeted solutions
  • Thought-out solutions
  • Tailor-made logistic solutions
  • Hygienically and robust design



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