Industrial Machines

Handling / robotics

Whether it is picking up heavy baking trays or getting your lighter, packaged products into a box at high speed, Hoogsteen IM can offer you turn-key solutions.

Hoogsteen IM developed a 2x3 asses handling robot for any situation, which can perform complex tasks.

Whenever the situation allows, standard robots will be developed and used.

High-speed picker tot 1kg, tot 160ppm
6-assige robot
6 assige robot

In short:

When it comes to palletizing or de-palletizing your boxes in many different ways , Hoogsteen offers tailor-made solutions for the handling of your products.



Creative handling solutions


  • Targeted solutions
  • Thought-out solutions
  • Tailor-made logistic solutions
  • Hygienically and robust design



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