Wegen en doseren
Industrial Machines

Weighing & dosing

By using high quality components and materials, as well as years of experience in the field of weighing and dosing sticky and adhesive products, Hoogsteen IM can dose almost every product.

This way we can offer turn-key solutions such as a recipe of different ingredients that is delivered completely pre-sorted.

  • No errors caused by man due to missing ingredients
  • Batch report
  • Traceability of batches through the use of chips in the containers

With our all-round test unit we can determine your exact product attributes and Hoogsteen IM can estimate the success of the project early on.

The different batches can  transported or stacked by our handling equipment  



Creative handling solutions


  • Targeted solutions
  • Thought-out solutions
  • Tailor-made logistic solutions
  • Hygienically and robust design



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